Exergyn will significantly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by leveraging its world-class expertise in shape memory alloy (SMA) to enable commercial production of ground-breaking, clean-energy products.

About Us

Exergyn, a creative clean-tech company, is a pioneer in the commercial scale application of shape memory alloys (SMA). It’s developing game-changing product applications across many industries, to significantly impact global air-quality and climate change for the better.

Exergyn designs and develops SMA core technology to enable its global partners to transform their product offering, without compromising on cost, size, weight or efficiencies.

Exergyn’s innovative SMA core can be dropped into existing energy systems, helping industries to reduce their carbon footprint and future-proof for the fast-changing market needs and growing demand for green and renewable energy solutions.

Supported by equity investment and grants from Enterprise Ireland, SEAI, EU Horizon 2020, Carbon Trust UK and the Irish Government’s Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund, Exergyn now has over 100 worldwide patents and unrivalled expertise in the industrial application of shape memory alloys.