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Our mission is to significantly impact climate change and global air-quality for the better through the profitable, mass-deployment of our products

Exergyn is a creative clean-tech company, developing game-changing solutions to significantly impact global air-quality and climate change for the better.

Pioneers in shape memory alloy technology, Exergyn is leveraging its world-class expertise to develop product applications across many industries.

Exergyn’s innovative work will enable a reduction in carbon emissions and production of green, cost-effective, energy solutions worldwide.


We all use power at home and at work. We are all aware of climate change and we want clean energy that doesn’t harm the planet.  But we want power to turn the lights on when it is dark or cook at mealtimes – we can’t wait until it is sunny or windy. And we are all used to cheap energy. We want clean, low-cost power at the right time – but this is not an easy ask. This is sometimes known as the energy trilemma and it is one of the biggest headaches in the energy industry today.

We all want to have effective heating and/or air-conditioning in our homes, offices, factories, shops, schools, universities. We also want adequate supply of hot and cold water. Global economic development is driving an increasing demand for heating and cooling, alongside a need to reduce the use of fossil fuels and minimise the impact on the environment by reducing global carbon emissions. An alternative to fossil fuels are heat pumps. However, most heat pumps use refrigerants, which are harmful to the environment.

Exergyn is developing innovative, easy-to-use solutions to these problems, in the form of cost effective, clean-energy products.

Product Areas:

  • Domestic and Industrial Heating
  • Domestic and Industrial Cooling
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Energy Storage
  • Renewable Energy

Exergyn’s solutions will enable customers to:

  • Make use of low-grade waste heat 
  • Heat and cool buildings and water efficiently
  • Increase revenue from power-generating plants
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Reduce pollutant emissions for cleaner air
  • Reduce carbon emissions to tackle climate change
  • Maximise energy efficiency
  • Increase reliability of power supply
  • Enable delivery of environmental CSR objectives


The core of the technology is an elegantly simple device, based around a solid-state reciprocating technology.  This solid-state material, shape memory alloy “SMA” is at the heart of Exergyn’s innovation. It will deliver product solutions that:

  • Are efficient and cost-effective
  • Have NO emissions CO2, NOx or other any pollutants
  • Are simple and quick to install
  • Are flexible and scaleable
  • Are robust and low-maintenance.
  • Produce clean, reliable power
  • Are retrofittable
  • Emit low noise levels

More Information

Our new website is coming soon. We have some exciting news about recent developments. In the meantime, if you think your organisation or industry could benefit from Exergyn’s technology, please get in touch. 

About Us

Exergyn was established in 2012. Its aim is to develop clean-energy solutions using the unique properties of a solid-state material called shape memory alloy. Exergyn’s core expertise was in this area.

The team has now grown to over 20 people, with expertise across other engineering disciplines, such as mechanical design, automation, simulation and testing.

Supported by equity investment and grants from Enterprise Ireland, SEAI, EU Horizon 2020, Carbon Trust UK and the Irish Government’s Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund, Exergyn now has over 100 worldwide patents, CE-marked prototypes and unrivalled expertise in the industrial application of shape memory alloys.


Exergyn’s management team is led by Dr. Kevin O’Toole, Co-Founder and Managing Director. Kevin is a chartered engineer & PhD with over 15 years’ experience in the field of energy systems R&D. He is an SMA application specialist. Kevin is a technical co-founder of Exergyn and the original inventor of the Exergyn SMA Platform along with Dr Barry Cullen.

Richard Blackburn, Richard is a chartered engineer with over 25 years industry experience, and a fellow of the IMechE. Richard has held positions with notable companies such as Rolls Royce, Nissan, and McLaren. Richard’s expertise is in taking designs and products from prototype through to high volume production.

Dr. Jan Pilch, With a PhD in materials science Jan is a renowned and published SMA specialist with expertise in SMA processing, microstructure of SMA in energy applications.

Mike Langan, Mike is a Chartered Engineer with over 20 years’ experience working in the European energy industry, developing and commercializing new energy / engineering technologies. Ex British Gas, ENER-G and IMI.

Kerri Nolan, Kerri has over 20 years’ director-level international experience in operational and commercial roles, ranging from start-ups to large multi-nationals across consumer goods manufacturing, retail and telecommunications.


The management team is supported by a Board of Directors consisting of experienced industry experts with a broad range of skills including;

Tony Ennis, Chairman. Tony has 25+ years’ experience developing and scaling companies in the Energy Industry. Founder & Former  CEO of Vayu.

Dr. John Galbraith, Non-Executive Director. John is a C-suite executive with a track record in Fortune 500 companies such as Carrier, Cummins and Daimler AG. Johns holds bachelors and doctoral degrees from The University of Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian University. He is a chartered engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Dr. Paul Groves, Non-Executive Director. Paul has deep knowledge of global energy industries and experience in start-ups, joint-ventures and growth-phase companies. Currently COO of Arq, and has held a number of CEO, Board Director and Advisory roles. 

Dr. Barry Cullen, Co-founder. Barry holds a PhD in Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics, having studied the use of waste heat to power in a novel combined cycle system for high efficiency power generation and cogeneration systems.


For more information contact us:

t: +353 (1) 907 2770

Exergyn® – DCU Alpha Campus – Old Finglas Road  – Dublin 11 – D11 TOVC – Ireland


EU Horizon 2020

Co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement No 672528