Senior R&D Engineer


A senior R&D engineer is required to work within the Exergyn research department. The role will fulfill a key requirement in the Exergyn R&D team. The candidate will be responsible for modelling and optimising the heat transfer within the cores of the “Exergyn Drive” engine, along with tests conducted on custom in-house testing equipment and standard testing apparatus. He/she will be responsible for maintenance and upgrading of these systems, adhering to all relevant industrial standards and directives as applicable. The ideal candidate must have a passion for state of the art research and development, have experience working with energy systems and be willing to do what it takes to help the company succeed.

Typical responsibilities will include:

  • Leading the enhancement of Exergyn Drive engine models using the latest testing data and state of the art information available
  • Designing and conducting a range of dynamic tests on single wire SMA strands and multiple wire SMA bundles
  • Modelling the macro behaviour of the shape memory alloy micro structure when heated and cooled in a fluid environment
  • Developing & validating a CFD model of a single wire and multi wire bundle
  • Assessing impacts of various wire configurations on the Exergyn Drive engine
  • Developing and operating test rigs in the pursuit of the optimal wire package for the Exergyn Drive
  • Preparation of SOP’s, method statements and risk assessments
  • Design and continuous improvement of testing apparatus utilising water heating and cooling equipment
  • Processing and analysis of results in various software environments
  • Compilation of results into standard reporting templates
  • Participating in design meetings and disseminating progress to team members and management
  • Identifying, evaluating and managing manufacturing partners and suppliers both in Europe and worldwide as necessary
  • Participating in IP development and monitoring

The ideal candidate:

  • Must have 5-7yrs experience working in an R&D environment, preferably automotive or heavy engineering R&D
  • Must hold a Level 8+ engineering degree, with a strong understanding of energy systems, thermodynamics and heat transfer
  • Would have been involved in new product development
  • Would have some experience with CFD analysis
  • Would have a familiarity with SolidWorks, Matlab & LabVIEW software packages
  • Must understand mechanical concepts (experience in material science/shape memory alloys/fracture mechanics would be an advantage but not vital)
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills and effectively liaise with Exergyn management, lab employees & lab visitors
  • Must be proactive and be able to work on their own initiative

Term of Contract:

Full time subject to standard 6-9 months probationary period