“Exergyn offers the opportunity to join a world class team in the world of shape memory alloys.”

Dr. Kevin O’Toole

Co-Founder & CEO

Our Vision

Net-zero cooling and heating is now a reality with Exergyn’s innovative shape memory alloy (SMA) technology. Our SMA core provides solid state cooling and heating without the planet polluting F-gas refrigerants currently used in most HVAC systems.

With global warming a real-time threat, Exergyn’s SMAs offer a flexible, robust, efficient and safe solution with our expertise having been proven to work for a wide variety of industries and applications. We have become a world leader in SMA technology through years of research and development – we provoke the thinking to provide the solutions of the future.

As F-gas regulations keep increasing, our technology platform is unaffected. We provide sustainable, green results that are driven by a team that embraces innovation, unconventional approaches and, ultimately, delivery of first-class results for our customers.

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Our Mission

Exergyn will significantly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by leveraging its world-class expertise in shape memory alloy (SMA) to enable commercial production of ground-breaking, clean energy products.

Our Values

We are Solid

As experts in our field, we focus on being excellent in all we do and are trusted for our knowledge and expertise. We create elegant solutions and are professional in our approach. We are always thinking critically about how we design solutions and take a humble approach in doing so, remaining happy to be disproved.

A person stands next to a machine.
Exergyn staff member working on a laptop computer.

We are Bold

We champion audacious thinking, creating an open space to share bold ideas. Dynamic by nature, we are both adaptable in approach and creative in our solutions. Our future-orientated mindset allows us to actively move forward and to be innovative and brave enough to try new things – even if there is a risk of non-success.

We are Focused

We are focused on our vision; on what we want to achieve for our customers and for our world. We are excited by the social and environmental impact our products will have and always bring our individual pieces of work back to the overall goal of the business.

Users interact with the graphical user interface and application of Teams.
Exergyn staff sitting at desks with computers.

We are One

Working together as a collective is central to our success in Exergyn; we are each an important piece of the puzzle. We seek to balance working hard with ‘having the craic’, because life is too short to not have fun together. There is no room for ego in our teams; we show respect and support for each other’s ideas, striving to build strong trust across teams, meaning oneness is at the core of our culture.