LONDON – 12 MARCH 2024 – Last week, Exergyn attended Data Centre World London to discuss with commercial and public entities the challenges and potential solutions for data centre cooling as demand grows globally. Sustainable, energy efficient, and cost effective cooling is critical for data centre operators to avoid future compliance risk and navigate volatility in energy costs.

“Our solid state, zero-GWP, leakproof refrigerant technology will play a leading role in applications such as data centre cooling due to its unique attributes that make leaps in energy efficiency and yield cost savings,” said Exergyn CEO Kevin O’Toole. “We look forward to furthering our partnerships to bring our solid state shape memory alloy cores to the commercial market and applying this tech across industries due to its scalability and breadth of application.”

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA):, data centres are responsible for 1% of energy related GHG emissions with their energy usage growing between 20-40% annually in recent years. IEA projects that this trend will continue.